Diamond Queen Toronto specializes in engagement rings completely customized to each client. All of our rings are made to perfection according to your finger size, style and everything that is important to you!

Once you find your dream ring from our collection - we would be happy to start on a lifetime piece for you. Of course, if there are some modifications you would like, or you want to create a completely different ring style based on your vision, please email diamondqueenco@gmail.com.

If you have placed an order and have any changes within the 24 hours from the time you placed your order or have any questions regarding the order please feel free to email diamondqueentoronto@gmail.com.

We like to ensure our clients understand the advantages and disadvantages of certain metals. Hence below are some details that we don’t want to miss out on:

Platinum Bands: If you do choose platinum as the metal for your engagement ring - amazing! We do want to let you know platinum is one of the hardest metals. It is very tough to a platinum ring. It's possible in some cases, however it is very costly. Because platinum is a darker metal it does tend to make the diamonds appear darker as well. Platinum is a heavy metal and sometimes provides clients discomfort due to its weight. At Diamond Queen Toronto we are very true and open with our clients - if you still do choose to proceed with platinum, please keep the above points in mind.

Eternity Bands: If you choose to go with eternity bands (diamonds all the way around) - we cannot size the ring in the future as the diamonds go all the way around allowing for no room to size. Therefore please ensure you order the exact size that you want to wear and is comfortable.

At Diamond Queen Toronto, Quality and Service is of utmost importance. We work closely with all of our client’s to create their dream rings. Feel free to take a look at our work by following us on Instagram or email us today to start designing your own ring style!